Red Carding the Diocese of Sacramento

Hello Friends in Christ,

First, let us begin with our prayer for Bishop Soto.  Place your hand over your scapular and say:Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Many have asked about the REDcard and what it is for. 

The REDcard is used to replace your donation to any collection at any parish in the Diocese of Sacramento. It is done anonymously.  The card can be plain paper or card stock and can be any size. It can even be on white paper if you don’t have red.
On the card, write: SJB, Fr. Jeremy Leatherby and the amount you are withholding. You can also write a note to Bishop Soto to let him know why you are withholding or when you will start giving again. If you like, place the card in an envelope and then into the collection. 

The REDcards provide each parish priest something to show the Bishop. It is proof that funds are down because of the situation Bishop Soto has created with Fr. Leatherby not because of anything they have done. 

Here are a few ideas on ways people are REDcarding.
1. Designate your donation for the parish Maintenance Fund. The diocese does not take their 18% from this fund.  Write on the card that you will only give to this fund until the situation is resolved.
2. Give your money to another Catholic Charity of your choosing such as the Sacramento Life Center or a St. Vincent De Paul.
3. Give the funds directly to Fr. Leatherby since he is only receiving $1000 a month from the diocese to support himself.
4. If you have withheld any money in the past 4 years due to the Bishop’s actions, write that amount on the card.
5. Save the money you are withholding until Bishop Soto resolves the situation with Fr. Leatherby.  When Father is restored or at the very least has his day in court, make a donation of all that you have withheld.  

We hope this assists you in making your decision regarding the REDcard.  Every individual should take it to prayer and decide for themselves if it is right for them.

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