St. Patrick’s Day Reflection for the Battalion:

Four (4) years ago to this day, our beloved pastor Fr. Leatherby was unjustly removed from his ministry and has been left hanging in limbo ever since.

G.K. Chesterton says that coincidences are just spiritual puns. In other words, it is a play on words because there is no such thing as a coincidence…

Do you believe that it’s just a coincidence that Father Leatherby was removed from his parish on St. Patrick’s Day?

Is it also a coincidence that St. Patrick is the Co-Patron Saint (along with Our Lady of Guadalupe) of the Diocese of Sacramento in which this atrocity has taken place?

Proverbs 16:9 says, “In his mind a man plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps. St. Paul said, “In Him we were chosen; for in the decree of God, who administers everything according to His will and counsel, we were predestined to praise His glory by being the first to hope in Christ.” (Ephesians 1:11-12)

If God directs our every step and if God administers everything according to His will and counsel, can we then safely assume that everything must therefore happen for a reason?

As we approach Easter, we are reminded that every event in life, good or bad, has a purpose and a reason. The Crucifixion was the worst event known to man but we celebrate it now as the heart of Christianity.

Returning to St. Patrick. It is a tenet of our Faith that we believe the intercession of the Saints is most powerful on their recognized feast days. We must implore St. Patrick’s powerful intercession today on behalf of Fr. Leatherby.

Furthermore, Christ tells us that some demons can only be driven out by prayer AND fasting. Let us offer a day of fasting tomorrow for the benefit of Fr. Leatherby and for the Diocese of Sacramento to be given a Bishop like St. Patrick who will drive out the snakes in our diocese.

Only God can take our every event, good or bad, and use them to fulfill His purpose. We may not always understand. The pain and sorrow and fear that we experience at times, may make us feel like we are being suffocated. But ultimately, our only reasonable option is to trust in God, trust in His divine plan, and trust in His promises.

The Battalion understands that Our Lady wants to take back her Church beginning in Sacramento. What a great honor and privilege for us who live in Sacramento. Our Lady wants our active participation in the matter. Just as God does not save us without us, so too Our Lady wishes to use us as her heel to crush the serpent. Let us imitate the courage of St. Joan of Arc who did not wait for something to happen and instead famously said, “Act, and God will act.”

Written by a JB of the Remnant

One thought on “St. Patrick’s Day Reflection for the Battalion:

  1. Fr. Leatherby’s middle name is Patrick, and he is his patron saint…..
    David L. Leatherby, Jr.
    916.215.8218 /
    -2333 Arden Way, Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95825 – 916.920.8382
    -7910 Antelope Road, Citrus Heights, CA 95610 – 916.729.4021
    -8238 Laguna Boulevard, Elk Grove, CA 95758 – 916.691-3334
    Deacon David Leatherby, Jr.
    Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish
    Diocese of Sacramento
    916.215.8218 /


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