Palm Sunday ~ Procession of Faith

Rain or Shine We Will Follow the Blessed Sacrament in Our Cars!

April 5th, 2020 Starting at 12:00 p.m.

Come to the Procession and Receive Blessed Palms

What a beautiful procession of faith we will be! Praised be Jesus Christ our King! Bring your family and children so they can unite with all the faithful. We are beloved children of God and we are proud of our Catholic Faith!

Arrive at 12 noon.

Directions to starting point:

From Highway 50 take Watt Ave. South

Take 1st Left after light rail overpass.

Enter light rail parking lot and line up in your car.

Address is: 3050 Manlove Road, Sacramento

Do not exit your car. Move to the end of the line and we will give you your palms and instructions for the procession. The route will take about 30 minutes and will end downtown with convenient access to all freeways.

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