Lenten Prayer Vigil is Brought to Completion

Our Lenten Prayer Vigil was very successful. We united our prayers for our beloved Father Leatherby. I want to thank everyone who has prayed and I ask Our Lord and Savior to prepare a special place in heaven for all of you. You have shown beautiful dedication to your Lenten Prayer.

I know our praying has lifted up Father Leatherby, strengthened him, and supported him in a special time of discernment.

May the prayers offered for Bishop Jamie Soto assist him in discernment as well and if for some reason, they have not been received I ask you Lord to return the graces of those prayers to the one who said them. Amen.

Thank you again and God Bless you!

Prayers said for Fr. Leatherby:

  • Holy Rosaries ~ 582
  • Divine Mercy ~ 460
  • Day of Fasting ~ 35
  • Hour of Adoration ~ 39
  • Offered Holy Communion ~ 92

Prayers offered for Bishop Jamie Soto

  • Holy Rosaries ~ 153
  • Divine Mercy ~ 97
  • Day of Fasting ~ 39
  • Hour of Adoration ~ 25
  • Offered Holy communion ~ 80

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