Saint Joseph’s Battalion ~ Fr Jeremy Leatherby ~ the Dry Martyr of Sacramento ~ chapter 15

He is Restored and The Diocese of Sacramento Belongs to the Blessed Mother!

One thought on “Saint Joseph’s Battalion ~ Fr Jeremy Leatherby ~ the Dry Martyr of Sacramento ~ chapter 15

  1. I have a suggestion for the conversion of Bishop Soto and others. First bishop Soto. I think a massive letter-writing campaign would be good. The physical presence of numerous letters requires them to be opened. Each week, some prople send a letter. Different people the next week. And on..I received a response to one of my letters. However not to the second one.

    I think we can convert him with overwhelming love. It would be done this way. Everyone would send a letter to Bishop Soto on one topic. Not a multiple topic letter. Single Focus. Remind him of his gifts and duties as a priest. Loving chastisement. Or maybe a thank you note with a scripture quote or reflection the author learned from that is one of the lessons of conversion for him. NO ANGER OR SARCASM. Respect him first as a brother in Christ. Secondly , because
    something/someone has deeply hurt and fractured his heart, perhaps from childhood. Identify him as a priest and connect to the virtue of acting accordingly. DO NOT mention Fr Leatherby. AVOID enumetating the commandments he has broken. None of us are his spiritual advisors. Permit the reminder of the letter to weigh on his heart. Give him an opportunity to consider the merit of the message and find the matter indisputable. Allow the seeds of truth to germinate in long-untended soil. Note PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL on the envelope. Include a return address for a response. If one cannot write this in sincerity, don’t write a letter. His assistant, Uli, may read them but is sure to pass on a kind letter. Everyone enjoys a compliment and someone with hubris may welcome compliments indiscriminately. We are planting a garden of virtue. Once the plant begins to grow, other seedlings poke through the surface awaiting pollination by the bees of SJB.
    The Dear Bishop campaign…
    Following are 2 letters I will send. I have 2 addresses so i can send each from a different person. I am also sending a letter about how the recommended state guidelines re covid (that are not&can not be mandatory) impact the unity and holiness and reverence in celebrating the mass.

    Letter#1 (a call to acknowlege the Real Presence, trying to draw him into the sacred mystery, to remember this each time he celebrates mass)
    Dear Bishop Soto,
    I’m so glad you became a priest because God blessed you with the ability to consecrate bread and wine into His Body and His Blood.
    Can you believe this really happens every single time you celebrate the Holy Liturgy of the Eucharist? It must be breathtaking just to hold a wafer in your simple human hands and then—transubstantiation! Can you imagine what it would be like if you saw Him as He really is?
    And because you said yes to God, Iike so many others, you now enjoy , perhaps still in awe, the opportunity to consecrate bread and wine into His Body and His Blood.
    Do you realize how much you are loved because you accepted His holy invitation to the priesthood? It may be the most challenging life to take on for its rigorous demands and exacting commitment. God acknowleges our imperfections but gives us the grace to meet His expectations. And to you as bishop, He certainly has provided substantial grace for the task. We all must use our gifted grace fully thereby enabling more to blossom.
    Bishop Soto, I think it is important for every priest to celebrate Holy Mass as often as possible. Even retired priests perform a great service to all the faithful and ease the load in our parishes. And should any priest be denied his God-gifted opportunity to perform the duties for which God designed him, it seems like a great offense occurs. To God. To parishioners. To other priests. To you. Each priest is invaluable in our near-Godless society. Do you realize that just like you, God loves him, too?
    May God keep you safe in the Sacred Heart of His Son and in the Immaculate Heart of His Mother.
    My prayers are with you,

    Letter#2 (a hint of examining one’s conscience in right living)
    Dear Bishop Soto,
    I hope you are well. I’ve been thinking about vocations and pondering if I’ve lived up to God’s expectations for me. I realize you are a busy servant of God. Still, I hope you are able to spare a minute.
    All vocations include responsibilities. Faithfulness to the vocation is primary. I know you, as my Bishop, choose to be responsible in your duties as Bishop and primarily as a priest. Because of the Sacrament of Holy Orders bestowed upon you, it is imperative that you honor your vows. For instance, making decisions harmful to other priests would be inconsistent with your duties. It would dishonor you as a priest and strip the other of his dignity as a child of God.
    Because of your extensive experience in the priesthood, I believe you can offer a perspective others cannot. From a Catholic view. And broader than a private confessor. Here is my dilemma.
    I have struggled with the error of withholding forgiveness for a family member. I have offered many prayers and petitions, yet inner peace seems to elude me. My confessor suggested offering tremendous acts of thanksgiving. He presented me with a scripture verse:
    “In all circumstances, be thankful, for this is the will of God for you through Christ Jesus.”
    I have pondered it in the deep recesses of my heart and wonder still, if I am deficient in celebrating thankfullness. I am hopeful you might offer me a little glimmer of understanding. I’m guessing that like each of us, you may have had someone to forgive in your lifetime. Or, as sometimes happens, anger and resentment to set aside. I have been able to set aside anger that I learned is a response to hurt or fear. But the resentment lingers-and I think it impedes my ability to forgive.
    I appreciate your reflection on the scripture quote as I sense it is the key to resolving my dilemma
    May His peace embrace you
    Thank you and God bless you for the ways that you serve and honor Him.
    May the Holy Spirit guide you in the fire of His Eternal Love,

    Note- the closing is acknowledging the times he honors God, even one minute in a day. Bishop seems to have a hardened heart that needs tenderness in acknowleging any good. Asking for counsel in areas he is struggling may benefit him.


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