To The Bishops

Shepherds of our Catholic flock,

Over 1,200 of our California Protestant brethren declared resuming in person religious assemblies beginning Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2020 or sooner.  Let us find hope that Advocates for Faith & FreedomThe National Center for Law and PolicyLiberty Counsel and Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, and First Liberty are in support of the letter to the Governor and the Declaration of Essentiality served to the state.

While COVID19 is real, it is beyond time to resume our religious assemblies, especially with the spiritual, mental and physical suffering in our parishes and communities. In times of chaos, war, plague and famine, has not the Catholic church arisen heroically administering the Sacraments, ministering to the sick and suffering in charity, modeling the service of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the glory of the Father?

A Letter to Governor Newsom from Churches of Essentiality for Our Churches

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