Letters of Love

This page contains letters sharing people’s experience of Father Jeremy Leatherby through his ministry.

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Gratitude for father Leatherby,

About five years ago, my wife suffered from several medical issues ranging from severe sleep apnea to high blood pressure etc. As the doctors were continuously not able to determine how to treat the apnea via medication and surgery-her health began to decline. While in a prayer group asking for prayers, a friend mentioned the medical condition might be a spiritual attack on my wife. Per a sleep study she suffered over 200 apneas a night. I went to confession to Father Leatherby and afterwards asked if he would bless my wife and the house. Fr. Leatherby came out to my house and blessed my wife and the house. Father told me there was nothing that he would perceive as evil present in the house that he could sense, I continued to pray for my wife as well as the prayers of others, my wife was using a Cpap machine and then a mouth piece, however now she does not need anything, and her sleep apnea is completely gone, sleep study showed apneas are completely gone.

Thanks be to God, God is good and merciful, and thank you Father Leatherby for serving and helping those in need. I truly hope The Bishop Soto reinstates Fr. Leatherby back to his ministry, we need him.


Father Jeremy is dear to our family. He baptized me into the catholic faith in 2008, convalidated our marriage, and baptized my youngest two sons in 2008 and 2014. We hold him close in our heart always and pray he gets restored to the priesthood.


The first time I saw Fr. Leatherby was at a weekday Mass at Presentation on my way to work. I had no idea who he was, but as I observed his devotion through Mass that gave a sense of love, holiness and reverence that I had never witnessed before I found myself wondering who this priest was. Then when I listened to his short homily, I was in awe. I don’t live in the area of Presentation, but I started attending Sunday Mass there off and on until I realized this was exactly the kind of priest and church I had been searching for. And so, I changed parishes. Father’s love for Our Lord and Lady was beyond obvious and he was not afraid to speak the truth. As a result I developed a deeper desire to learn more and to have a deeper prayer relationship with Jesus and Mary and all our saints.

Father you are always in my prayers. You will return one day. God bless you and be with you always.

Nita Damore